Love, Love, Love

I pretty much loved my Valentine's Day.....weekend this year!!! Thursday night we were going to keep it pretty low key, but Erik called me at work and had tickets to the Suns game. Boo-yah!!! It was a total blast!!!! On the way to the game (we were in the bike know, those guys in spandex that you pay to pedal you from your car to the front doors of the event...sometimes the view is better than others :), anyway, Erik said, "Oh yea, you forgot your phone", and hands me a new phone, the "cherry chocolate" which will now replace the dinosaur phone I have been using. Dang he's cute, isn't he?

Then Friday night we went out to dinner with a group of friends followed up with dessert and games at the Halbisons. Italian food, girlfriends, laughing, Erik, chocolate dessert,....really, how can you go wrong with that combo?

Then Saturday night we went with another couple to Red Lobster and the U23D IMAX movie. Can you say 1976 and going strong?

This Valentine's Day will definitely be one for the record books (or blog)! I love you babe!