The Gift of Teachers

It has been a crazy few weeks as the school year came to a close. I seriously can't believe I'll have a 2nd grader next year. We made these adorable picture frames for Sadie's teachers. I had fun digging through my photos from this past year and found this one from the fieldtrip to the Arizona Children's Museum. Sadie L-O-V-E-S school and I'm so glad that she will have the same teachers next year. Since they do 1/2 classrooms it will be a smooth transition to second grade....well, not so much for her mommy!

Watch how I grow!

Not bad for my camera phone used while: standing in line to order a diet coke and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies at Paradise Bakery, holding a diaper bag, pushing a stroller, talking baby talk to coax a smile, and keeping an eye on my four year old who was anxiously awaiting our arrival at the "play place". A pretty happy 4 month old for having just gotten four shots don't ya think?

I'm Pooped....Read On

This story begins on May 1st, Sadie’s school’s annual Spring Fling
Originally a mommy daughter date, turned into a family thing.

Baby Sophie, if you can believe it, turned 3 months old!
In a month of soccer games, a women’s conference and the end of weekly Yuma trips I’m told.

Mother’s Day began with breakfast in bed;
Included some gifts, hugs, and at church tears of gratitude were shed.
Sophie’s card made by Sadie, you’ll definitely want to see
When I tell you it made me laugh so hard I had to pee.

The Father Sons campout was less than 24 hours packed full
While the girls and friends prepped for Dek’s party and flushed 20 goldfish down the bowl!
Breaking camp at 4 am they had a good reason,
To make it home by 8 to coach the last game of the season.
And after 3 seasons, all the practicing went “click”
When not one...BUT TWO goals Sadie did kick!

A fishing themed party demanded we run to the store to replace the fish,
2 p.m. rolled around, 8 little friends, fishy games, presents and a wish!

Imagine all this and yet we squeezed in some “needs”,
A haircut, the dentist and curse the HOA we even pulled our weeds.
Did I mention that Erik’s overnight trips to Yuma have come to a stop?
The library grand opening gave me a reason to shop!

Thanks to the Roos’, the Summers and E’s parents who shared in our delight,
And we think they’ll agree the library is really a sight!
“The Main” is a spectacular building to see,
From the terrazo flooring to the children’s section tree.
My kids loved Booker’s Cave filled with dazzling lights
And we donated to the awesome fireworks at the end of the night!

Off to California including a day in the sand;
If it wasn’t Memorial Day weekend we would have gone to Disneyland.
Instead we stayed with the Summers our friends,
Pizza, the park and beautiful weather trends.
We returned on purpose for Memorial Day
A pool, delicious food....we sure love Uncle Scott and Aunt LaRae!

A month can’t go by without a few dates.
E & I happened to have three despite that it’s getting harder to stay up late!
With two other couples we did dinner and a show
A testosterone filled movie, to Terminator Salvation, we did go.
Amazingly Sophie slept soundly all during the noise
And I’m convinced that this movie was made especially for boys!

The end of the school year is finally near.
All but our “school-loving Sadie’ will cheer.
Especially Deklan our preschool grad
‘cause leaving mom to go to school twice a week often made him really sad.

Speaking of sad, I hate saying good-bye
To my amazing friend Dawn....I admit I will cry.
A final memory at Oreganos with lots of Diet Coke,
But of the reality of her move hardly anyone spoke.

Now as the month ends Erik gears up for Scout camp.
I thought the lonely nights were over with me, my book and a lamp?!
But wait, good news, my sister just rang!
She’s coming down in June for a visit and bringing the gang.

Just as I write this my little Sophie did a first!
Is the passing of time a blessing or a curse?
From her back to her tummy she rolled on the rug,
And on my heartstrings I felt quite a tug.

This gift we call life really goes by so quick.
Enjoying each moment is surely the trick.
Reflecting on May it becomes apparent to me.
I’m blessed to be a wife and a mommy of three!