Time to Announce.....

that we're pregnant. And that would explain why I haven't been blogging. I've been puking instead. Forgive me. I'd rather be blogging. I'm 15 weeks along. Don't hurt yourself...I'll do the math. That's 3/8 of the way through my pregnancy. Oh, sorry, you probably don't care about that calculation. My due date is February 16th. I'm known to deliver early though, so I'm planning on the beginning of February. In case you are wondering, I detest, yes even hate (a word I don't use casually) being pregnant. I know it's a strong word, but pregnancy and my body don't get along. With Sadie I had horrific hives. With Deklan I had shingles. And with both I was nauseous for over half of the pregancy. Poor Erik. He's had to hear every day how I'm never, ever, ever, ever, never, never, ever, ever doing this again. Never. I know I sound like a brat. I know there are people out there who would give anything to be pregnant. People keep saying it's worth it in the end. Believe me....this I know or else I wouldn't be pregnant.

And now for the sweeter side of Stephanie. I love labor and delivery. It's true. I look forward to it. I'm even a little sad when the whole labor and delivery thing is over. In fact, I'd rather go through labor/delivery a dozen times if I could forgo the nine months of misery. That tells you two things. Either 1) I have really easy labors (TRUE) OR 2) I have really miserable pregnancies (TRUE).

Sadie wants a girl so bad. She is preparing herself for disappointment. She said to me, "Mom, if you want a boy then just say you want a girl. If you want a girl, then say you want a boy. I really really really bad want a boy". Deklan wants another "stister" probably because that's all he knows. I want a girl on most days. But having a boy would give Deklan a playmate...something I take into strong consideration on a DAILY basis! Especially now that Sadie is in school. And my cute little sister is 7 weeks ahead of me, pregnant with a little boy. How fun would that be to have little rugrats together? And Erik just is happy that I am willing to go through nine months of hell to have another baby.

Gotta run. Erik is coming through the door with my jalapeno poppers and diet coke. Yummy!!!! (believe me, that's the pregnancy talking!)