The REAL American Idol!

All I can say is.....look out Davids!

Can it be? My baby is three?!

In my three year old’s world:

A ladybug is a “leggybug”.

A screwdriver is a “screwdriver-er-er-er-er-er”.

He has mastered the sound of a video game gun. “Pew, pew, pew!” Better watch out or he will “pew you”. When the sun shines in his eyes he asks me to “Pew the sun, mom!”

Sadie is his “stister”.

On Wednesday evenings we go to soccer “prastice”.

I say, “You’re my boy”. He says, “You’re my girl.”

When anything leafy, green, or highly nutritious appears on his plate he says, “Mom, I can’t like those.”

He gives the best hugs, kisses, and snuggles. He forgives within seconds.

His new favorite phrase is “not yet”.
“Let’s go to bed Deklan.” “Not yet.”
“Should we go get Sadie?” “Not yet.”
“Do you need to go potty?” “Not yet.”

He loves balls, cars, and fishing.

The sound of the garage door opening brings forth a loud, “DADDY!!!!!”
I now use the back door and walk around to take out the trash in the middle of the day.
Yesterday is "yesday". The other day is "yudda day".
"Deklan, let's take your medicine".
"I all-yeddy did yesday".
"Let's pick up your room."
"I did it yudda day".

I told him last night that Jesus loves him. He said, “And daddy loves me and zana loves me and grandma loves me and grandpa loves me and Sadie loves me and Zoe loves me and you love me and papa loves me and Stacey loves me and Karston loves me and EVERYBODY loves me!”

I like his three year old world.

Cinco De Mayo!!!

"I'm having a party!" It was a fair warning that I issued on April 21st upon my return home from a work trip to California. Maybe it was the evenings I spent alone in my hotel room that gave seed to this idea....brilliant idea I might add. Lest you think I only came up with ONE idea during my three days away from home, let me clarify that I actually made a list. But a Cinco De Mayo party toppped the list and how can one throw a party when the backyard is only partially finished? So landscaping the backyard pushed the party idea to task #2 on the list. That gave us two weeks to prep the ground, dig trenches, lay the irrigation, plant trees, bushes, etc., add the rock (10 tons!!!), stake the trees, mow lawns, in other words, break our backs. But I'm not whining. It looks great! And we finished just in time for our Cinco De Mayo party where 26 adults and 37 kids gathered for festive food and fun!