I think I'm gonna need.....

a coat. A big thick down-filled puffy adorable COAT. And wool socks, and extra blankets, and my space heater, and mittens, and a scarf, and a hat, and hot chocolate around the clock, and hot soup, and a magical way to teleport us to Utah for the holidays so we don't have to drive in this. Can you help?

(photo courtesy of my sister's front yard)

Three Worlds

I've often said how it can be challenging for me as a mother to meet the needs of my three children who are in completely different stages and see the world in completely different ways.

Sadie is winning turkeys at class parties.

Deklan is spinning webs, riding horses and inseparable from Kash.

Sophie is loving her Boon spoon as she is put in and out of her carseat and going here and there. If you want a Boon spoon (which I know you will because they are awesome!) go here.

Truth be told....I wouldn't have my world any other way.

Shabby Apple Dare to Design Limoncello Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Shabby Apple Dare to Design Limoncello Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

I'm in love!

Shabby Apple Dare to Design Lawn Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Who couldn't use a new dress?

Shabby Apple Dare to Design Lawn Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Here we go again....

I vaguely remember years ago watching an Oprah where there was a lady who was a full time prize seeker. She entered every sweepstakes imaginable. Cereal boxes, mail entry, newspaper ads, game shows, you name it. She proudly showcased her winnings from over the years: money, a new tv, bikes, cameras, and the list goes on. I remember being a little impressed but also thinking she had no life.

I'm just promising you that I do have a life......which will resume after I win something. Ha!

This one is cute (and they mention a holiday boutique here in Gilbert that I may just have to attend). Here's my extra entry!


Change of luck....

I'm feeling the need to win something. Something cute. Something I love. Something I don't want to live without. Something I CAN'T live without. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme but seriously is this too much to ask for a girl being audited? And that's not a typo....I did type A-U-D-I-T-E-D.

So in keeping with the spirit of the recession and my need for free I'm entering this contest and for an extra chance at winning I'm posting the link:


Be warned...my blog may turn into a boring linkage to other blogs until I win something. Or it could lead you to some very cool websites and in that case you'll be thanking me.

Halloween 2009

Creative juices are gone. That's G as in Goblin. O as in owl. N as in night. E as in eeery. All creativity has been expended on door decor, costumes galore (bats, posh pumkin, cute cupcake), trunk or treat festivities and parties, parties, parties.
Happy Halloween!!!

Carving Comments

When it comes to carving pumpkins we are like a well oiled machine. The setting has been the same for the past five years (FIVE years?!?!). Only the little bodies behind the counter have gotten bigger and a little more independent. In addition to my other annual duties at our pumpkin carving night, I bounced the baby and jotted down the comments that filled the air:

"Dad, I want you to get my guts!


This is my favorite part of Halloween, carving pumpkins!

Spooky! O.K., now I'm going to wash my hands again.

Mom, why aren't you helping out?

I'm not going to touch the guts anymore.


Start thinking about what you want the face to look like.

I want to cut it out.

HEY! You got it on my arms Sadie!

Here, try a piece!

Where's the knife? I need it.

I think daddy should do the cutting.

Why? I've cutted before.

Yes!!!! I cutted it!

Look Mom! Mine has a tooth!

I'm cutting the hair cuz daddy doesn't know how."

Happy Halloween from our house to yours!

One Love, One Life

One love
One blood
One life
You got to do what you should
One life
With each other
One life
But we're not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other

U2 360* Tour....Glendale, AZ....University of Phoenix Stadium,
Tuesday, October 20, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

Happy 10 year Anniversary Babe!

Sunny St. George

Have you ever been to a fall wedding in beautiful St. George, Utah? If not, you're missing out. Most brides are happy, but this bride? She was beaming. Beaming I tell you!
Sadie cried and cried and cried half the way home. And then cried some more once we got home. I cried on the inside.
Let's just say the trip there was much more pleasant than the trip home. A good indication that we had WAY too much fun!

Taking Off

It's true. We're taking off and I'm so excited! I think I need a cape in my size....


I knew I could do it. I mean canning runs deep into my veins. It would have been oh so much better with my mom and Nana by my side (no offense ladies) because I had so many questions running through my mind. And for some reason my memory fails me when it comes to the detailed steps of processing. But I do remember the smell of pears permeating the entire house, the lulling sound of bottles in the hot water bath on the stove and Nana's stories as I sat mesmorized by her constant peeling.

We started with about 80 pounds of pears. Wow, that was a lot of work. Then convincing ourselves that the blanching of peaches rather than tedious peeling of pears and adding a few more eager canners into the mix would improve our efficiency we tackled about 140 pounds of peaches. Are you tired yet?

Lessons learned:
1) Do not can if you think you are saving money by doing so. Sorry, but after you add up jars, sugar, fruit, lemon juice (not to even mention TIME) you are much better off taking a little trip to costco.

2) Is it worth it? Totally! Grocery store canned fruit is nastiness. Plus there is a lovely sense of accomplishment and provident living that comes along with each bottle.

3) It does get easier. You do get faster. The jars get prettier. And friendships become stronger.

Wax On, Wax Off

Deklan had his first karate class tonight. He did well.

But he did not like it. Apparently it was "no fun".

Apparently he was expecting to learn some "tricks".

Apparently he wanted to come home with the ability to do "front flips, back flips, and stand on a stick on one leg".

Apparently I've underestimated his abilities.

Someday Soon

If someday never comes it will be ok 'cause my kiddos had their day in the sun (literally) with their lemonade stand.

They've been asking for awhile now and my response is always, "sure, someday soon". Someday soon came on Saturday. I wasn't home (or else "someday soon" probably wouldn't have come, I'm sad to admit). I was at cub scout training. Really. I know you don't believe me, but I have the patch to prove it.

Sophie was snoozing and E was supervising (while mowing lawns, trimming edges, sweeping walks, etc.)

They made $7.40 in a matter of a few hours! People will pay a lot of money for a 2/3 full glass of ice cold lemonade (even if from concentrate) on a hot...like 100 degree plus day in AZ. I'm so proud! If we were parents of the year, we would have sat down and talked about profit, the cost of doing business, giving 10% to the Lord, and so on. Funny thing is, when divvying up the cash, neither wanted the bills and both wanted the coins. They fit better in the piggy bank don't ya know?

I love it when someday comes. I'm going to make someday come more often.


I am thankful for the kind lady in line behind me who called me a dear, a content 7 month old baby who happily played with her rattle, and an energetic 4 year old who patientlly waited (even if bribed with chocolate milk) all while spending an extra 15 minutes checking out at Wal-mart so that I could save a few bucks by price matching.

Sweet Dreams

There is something to be said about getting back into a routine. A lot to be said about what transpired during the time we went from routine to no routine back to routine. Thank you school.

With Erik whooping it up in Dallas right now (Go Cougars!!!!!), you'd think I'd be sleeping single in a king sized bed. But no. Sadie and Deklan have joined me. Sadie, who sleeps in a queen sized bed, is used to spreading out. S...P...R...E...A...D...I...N...G...out if you know what I mean. And Deklan likes to sleep smack dab against you and it doesn't matter what size of bed you're in. He's right there like a leech....in a lovey kind of way. Factor in that with the extra body heat that two little bodies can give off, a missing husband, and my incessant need to peek in on my baby to make sure she's still breathing and you get a pretty sleepless night.

3:30 a.m.

Deklan starts shaking and little snorts are emitted. You know, the type where you're not sure if the person is laughing or crying? I sit up, look down at his little face (cause remember he's a leech) and see a big grin on his face with eyes peacefully closed. More laughter. I whisper, "Hey buddy, what are you dreaming?" With eyes still closed, he raises his little arm in the air and says, "GUMBALLS" as he spirals his little hand around and around as if a gumball is making it's way downward.

I'm going to try and dream about gumballs tonight (that and BYU football). Sounds like fun. Wish me luck.

The Gift of Teachers

It has been a crazy few weeks as the school year came to a close. I seriously can't believe I'll have a 2nd grader next year. We made these adorable picture frames for Sadie's teachers. I had fun digging through my photos from this past year and found this one from the fieldtrip to the Arizona Children's Museum. Sadie L-O-V-E-S school and I'm so glad that she will have the same teachers next year. Since they do 1/2 classrooms it will be a smooth transition to second grade....well, not so much for her mommy!

Watch how I grow!

Not bad for my camera phone used while: standing in line to order a diet coke and white chocolate macadamia nut cookies at Paradise Bakery, holding a diaper bag, pushing a stroller, talking baby talk to coax a smile, and keeping an eye on my four year old who was anxiously awaiting our arrival at the "play place". A pretty happy 4 month old for having just gotten four shots don't ya think?

I'm Pooped....Read On

This story begins on May 1st, Sadie’s school’s annual Spring Fling
Originally a mommy daughter date, turned into a family thing.

Baby Sophie, if you can believe it, turned 3 months old!
In a month of soccer games, a women’s conference and the end of weekly Yuma trips I’m told.

Mother’s Day began with breakfast in bed;
Included some gifts, hugs, and at church tears of gratitude were shed.
Sophie’s card made by Sadie, you’ll definitely want to see
When I tell you it made me laugh so hard I had to pee.

The Father Sons campout was less than 24 hours packed full
While the girls and friends prepped for Dek’s party and flushed 20 goldfish down the bowl!
Breaking camp at 4 am they had a good reason,
To make it home by 8 to coach the last game of the season.
And after 3 seasons, all the practicing went “click”
When not one...BUT TWO goals Sadie did kick!

A fishing themed party demanded we run to the store to replace the fish,
2 p.m. rolled around, 8 little friends, fishy games, presents and a wish!

Imagine all this and yet we squeezed in some “needs”,
A haircut, the dentist and curse the HOA we even pulled our weeds.
Did I mention that Erik’s overnight trips to Yuma have come to a stop?
The library grand opening gave me a reason to shop!

Thanks to the Roos’, the Summers and E’s parents who shared in our delight,
And we think they’ll agree the library is really a sight!
“The Main” is a spectacular building to see,
From the terrazo flooring to the children’s section tree.
My kids loved Booker’s Cave filled with dazzling lights
And we donated to the awesome fireworks at the end of the night!

Off to California including a day in the sand;
If it wasn’t Memorial Day weekend we would have gone to Disneyland.
Instead we stayed with the Summers our friends,
Pizza, the park and beautiful weather trends.
We returned on purpose for Memorial Day
A pool, delicious food....we sure love Uncle Scott and Aunt LaRae!

A month can’t go by without a few dates.
E & I happened to have three despite that it’s getting harder to stay up late!
With two other couples we did dinner and a show
A testosterone filled movie, to Terminator Salvation, we did go.
Amazingly Sophie slept soundly all during the noise
And I’m convinced that this movie was made especially for boys!

The end of the school year is finally near.
All but our “school-loving Sadie’ will cheer.
Especially Deklan our preschool grad
‘cause leaving mom to go to school twice a week often made him really sad.

Speaking of sad, I hate saying good-bye
To my amazing friend Dawn....I admit I will cry.
A final memory at Oreganos with lots of Diet Coke,
But of the reality of her move hardly anyone spoke.

Now as the month ends Erik gears up for Scout camp.
I thought the lonely nights were over with me, my book and a lamp?!
But wait, good news, my sister just rang!
She’s coming down in June for a visit and bringing the gang.

Just as I write this my little Sophie did a first!
Is the passing of time a blessing or a curse?
From her back to her tummy she rolled on the rug,
And on my heartstrings I felt quite a tug.

This gift we call life really goes by so quick.
Enjoying each moment is surely the trick.
Reflecting on May it becomes apparent to me.
I’m blessed to be a wife and a mommy of three!