Sophie Brooke Dunn

She's here!!! Ten days early, 8 lbs. 4 oz. (biggest baby we've had!), 19 3/4 inches long, 6 days old in top picture, 2 days old (coming home from the hospital) in bottom picture. Back to her birthweight at her 5 day pediatrician visit. Has been smothered with hugs and kisses since her arrival!

We had already taken about 175 pictures before we even left the hospital so it was not an easy task picking two for the blog post. Truthfully, I didn't scour them too closely because, well, for one they are all adorable (minus a few of the "during labor" shots my mom captured) and also I'd much rather be cuddling with Sophie than blogging.

Which brings me to say.....i'm checking out for a while....not working (for money anyway), not blogging, not facebooking, not going to school, not teaching joy school......I"m pretty much going to be soaking up every second of every minute of every hour of every day of my baby and her big brother and big sister!

Light Saber P P

Deklan in his most enthusiastic voice announced, "MOM, I got all the bad guys with my light saber p p".

I'm slightly confused. "What?"

Deklan with a slight annoyance at my lack of understanding but not diminished in his pride announces again, "I got all the bad guys with my light saber p p."

Three years ago, I might have been a little appalled, even slightly disgusted and maybe even prepared to have a little talk about what's "o.k." to say and what's not....but I'm all ears.

"What is your light saber p p?"

"You know, that thing where the pee pee comes out!"

"And where are the bad guys?"

"They live all around the inside of the toilet!"

That's my boy!!! And by golly if it takes a light saber p p to get the urine in the toilet rather than a diaper, pull-up, or even worse--his underwear, I'll be the first to support it! He is one cool jedi!

(Pictures not posted for obvious reasons).