It's Potty Time!!!

Let me just get this off my chest right now....the one thing I detest about motherhood is potty training. I think I'm just too intense. Mainly because I want potty training to be done and over with in a day (go figure, I used the book "Potty Training In a Day" for Sadie). So you know the comments you hear, boys are harder than girls, yada, yada, yada....well, those have bought me a little extra time to put off this destested chore....but three more weeks and I'm going to start getting "the look" when people ask how old he is and I have to say three and not potty trained.

So we've been a little "potty focused" these last few days. Being the bright person I am, I decided to bring Deklan's toys downstairs to the tile and spend our potty training days away from the carpet. So you can see we have "the potty", the toys, the demo doll, the candy, the chlorox, and a blanket so poor Deklan's bum doesn't get too cold on the tile, and oh yes that reminds me....a naked little boy. All of the right ingredients for potty training.

All conversations have revolved around the potty. Potty this, potty that, potty, potty, potty. Long story short....I decided today that I need to back off a little. Why? Well, wouldn't you after this....."Mommy, does spiderman have a pee pee?"

Soccer Season

Go team Inferno!!!!

It's finally a reality....Daddy's little girl is decked out in her soccer uniform complete with size 9 cleats, shin guards compliments of Aunt Carol (finally, she gets to wear them!!!) and socks that she can pull up to her hiney (we have to fold them over). I knew it would be interesting...Erik refraining from scoring in the middle of the game, Sadie digging deep to find an agressive bone in her body.

Well, Erik manages to only kick the ball "when necessary to get it back inbounds" and Sadie really is improving each week. I decided I'd be happy if she managed to keep up with the action as opposed to my athletic tactics as a child which were to avoid all collisions or potential knock-outs by anyone bigger than me (which was usually everyone). Last week she even kicked the ball a few times. SWEET!!!

Erik coaches, Sadie plays and my job is to keep Deklan on the easy task. But no worries, we bought some goals for the backyard and he will be working on skills so that he is primed and ready for fall soccer 2009! I'm an official soccer mom!!!!!

Celebrity Sighting

My pulse is still rushing.....

Sadie had climbed into the car and I was buckling Deklan in his carseat when I look up just in time to see him walk into the store. Yummy, yummy, yummy Matt. I was in a trance. Sadie brought me back to reality as I was sending a frantic text to my peeps. Think, think....yes, slash your tire and when he comes out he will help you change it. No, no good. He won't and then I'll be stuck here for who knows how long. Go scatter your purchases and when he comes out he'll find you distraught and will help you pick them up. No, no good. You'll be standing stupid with an empty Pier One sack...just standing and staring. Cry, yes cry! Tell him you just recieved the news that you have a terminal illness and need to be comforted. No, no good. What am I? A candidate for the Jerry Springer show?

Oh Shnike--eees. Here he comes. The texts are flooding back requesting autographs, photos, telling me to go for it. He hops into his oversized black Lincoln Navigator and drives away. The moment is gone.

One question....will I see you again Matt?

**Update: Who is Matt? In all fairness, you would probably not know who Matt Leinart is unless you live in AZ and/or watch the NFL. He is the QB for the AZ Cardinals. For the record, I'm not usually starstruck, but I watched a special on Matt Leinart a few years ago before he made it big and was amazed at his life journey. That, and I rarely come within ten feet of a celebrity while out shopping. In reality, he is kind of a scumbag. Don't worry dad, my dreams have already come true.

Superhero Deklan Saves the Day!

I was cleaning my bathroom while Deklan played. When I was finished, I quickly noticed my gift card to Sonic was missing from my dresser. This was an emergency!!! Happy hour at Sonic was only three hours away and I must find that card. I asked Deklan where it was and he pointed to my underwear drawer. I rummaged through card. "Deklan, where is it? Help mommy find it." Again he pointed to the drawer and said, "It's in dere."

"No, Deklan, it's not. Mommy already checked. I check again. "Where is it? Do you remember where you put it?"

"It's in your office mom." The trip downstairs was pointless. No card. Back upstairs.

I'm looking....piles of laundry? No. Under furniture? No. In other drawers? No. In his toy basket? No. Frustration is building. Deklan keeps wanting to play other things. "No, Bud. Not until mommy finds the card. Can you please help me find it?" I leave the room to look through the laundry piles once again. I return to find a sobbing little boy. "What's wrong bud?"

"I'm so sad mommy!"

Good's me who was so eagerly looking forward to Happy Hour (diet coke, route 44, 1/2 case you were wondering).

"Alright Deklan, one last look and then we'll go play cars. Now where is it?"

"Right in dere". The drawer? Blast it...I've already looked...twice. I pull the drawer out.....there wedged in the crack between the drawer and the inside wall of the dresser sits my card.

Deklan does the bootie dance! Life is good. He laughs and giggles and shouts. My sanity is restored.