January Dates

In preparation for the new arrival (and the attention shifting to her) we planned some special dates for Sadie and Deklan. Earlier in the month we took Sadie to Broadway's The Lion King which was stunning. We first went to dinner and then hustled to get our seats. The costumes were out of this world. Of course, I enjoyed watching Sadie and her reactions more than I did the show. She loved it! Then last week Erik took Deklan to the Monster Truck Jam. They went to Cooperstown for dinner, had pit passes for the up close experience and then watched big trucks jump over things and crash into things and make a lot of noise. I think that sums it up. Originally our dates were supposed to be both parents....but as more dads and sons decided to go a pedicure and dinner with Sadie started looking better and better. Every day Deklan asks if they are going to Monster Trucks again......boyz!

Oooh Baby Baby!

The idea of getting belly shots has been around for awhile but something about a black backdrop with a naked fat belly sticking out just never appealed to me. I mean, not that I'm not happy to say that even with baby #3 on the way I am stretch mark free and my belly doesn't get nasty looking (hair, black lines, sorry TMI) when I'm pregnant. I know, lucky me (well, luck and Burt's Bees belly butter)....but still I just never wanted the belly shots.

Then I saw my sister's shots. SOOOOO cute and tasteful. And then I factored in the fact that this is the last time I plan on being able to capture that prego look on camera and I couldn't resist. So while in Utah I had them done....and let me just say that this girl is good. So good, I wish I could go back and have her take my bridals, engagements and wedding photos. But I can't so I won't...but I will forever treasure these shots.

And who doesn't want a photographer who tells you to try and stick your belly out so you'll look pregnant when you're 7 months pregnant? And a daughter who tells you that from behind nobody can even tell you're pregnant. And a hubby that drools over the pics as well. Pregnancy never felt so good!......and you know how I feel about pregnancy!

How You Know.....

You just know it's going to be a good day when you start it off with a hearty nutritious breakfast of Fruity Pebbles and glazed donuts. And then it IS a good day when you organize and sort and purge four garbage sacks and three boxes of "stuff" to make room for the new addition to the family......

You just know it's going to be a good day when you pull up to the mall with your two children and get a front row parking spot all because you're large and uncomfortable and hot and can't bend over and can hardly breathe. And then it IS a good day when you make the rest of the returns to the stores you purchased from and then changed your indecisive pregnant mind about the purchase.

Bad Words

Sadie, "Mom, I'm not going to say the "F" word, because it's not very nice so I'll just say that you are REALLY BIG and can't fit between those chairs."

So now we add the "F" word to our growing repertoire of "bad words" at the Dunn house. When Sadie first listed off these letter words, "the "D" word, the "H" word and the "S" word, on our long drive to Utah, I thought I might be in big trouble (I always thought I was saying them out of her earshot)....but thank heavens she was willing to elaborate....

"F is fat, D is dumb, H is hate and S is stupid".

Holiday Happenings

Last year after our Thanksgiving spent in Disneyland I thought to myself that we will never be able to top that Thanksgiving and now I find myself saying the same thing again. I could write a 5,000 word essay on all of the things we did....but frankly I don't have time. I have a nursery to set up! So I asked each member of our family their top three activities (keep in mind they would probably tell me something different if I asked today) and here is what I got:


1) A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theatre. Simply amazing! Thanks Dad and Myrna.....an unforgettable Christmas gift! Fun to have Grandpa and Aunt Mary along as well. We were thinking of Grandma...it was her birthday and we all miss her so much!

2) Sunday brunch at the Little American Ballroom. Festive music, all you can eat food and good company. We ate breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert all in one sitting. Pic above is the kiddos anxiously awaiting the feast in the hotel lobby. Sadie visited the shrimp table more than once. Yes, she loves shrimp!
3) Playing in the snow! Check out this big guy! Aunt Aly is a good sport!

1) Riding his new scooter at the church. And my bros were there to teach their nephews about football. I don't think Deklan stopped grinning. I have awesome brothers!!! And Deklan rode the scooter like he'd been doing it his whole life.
2) Playing in the snow....sound familiar? My kids couldn't stop eating it...too bad it wasn't packed with vitamins and minerals!

3) Santa Claus! I guess after having eight kids you have the hook-up with Santa. And my amazing mom pulled some strings so that Santa came Sunday night for a personal visit. The only downside? Your kids tell Santa what they want and you've never ever heard those words leave their mouths before. Even the adults sat on his lap and I seriously could not stop laughing.

1) Snow! (Again?) No, snow did not make my list.

2) The Spoken Word (a weekly TV and radio broadcast of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) that we were able to view LIVE. Thanks to Dad and Myrna for taking the six grandkids into the theatre room so we could all attend. Taken from my phone so it doesn't do it justice...but it was gorgeous!
3) Vernal. Doesn't really narrow it down since that is where we spent the 23rd-27th but my sister and her husband once again shared their Danish Christmas traditions with us. We love it!!!!
I'm sorry, but I just can't follow my rules of coming up with the top three things. But being with my sisters and my mom always top the list. Seeing Brittany's new baby Koy was a real treat. Myrna's fabulous Christmas dinner and Christmas brunch were very yummy along with their Christmas gifts to us: A Christmas Carol, sledding at Soldier Hollow, The Spoken Word and brunch after, presents for the kids....definitely gifts of the heart to bring the family together. The Danish dinner, late night games, the Spanish Fork lights, shopping, movies, pedis with the girls........have I reached my 5,000 words already????
And less you think the whole vacation was flawless, let me just mention that I DO NOT have the hook-up with Santa and for some reason a very large "bag" of my kids' Christmas presents were accidently left in AZ. I remembered all the gifts from E & I and Santa brought the big Santa presents but p.j.'s forgot, stocking stuffers forgot, small gifts forgot. I didn't cry, even though I felt like it, but my feelings towards Wal-Mart have drastically changed since the Wal-Mart in Vernal really came through on Christmas Eve. And of course my sister pulled out some "extra" things to give my kids as well. I think we were able to replace everything except some things from Bath and Body Works (NOT in Vernal). And now I have 8, yes 8, stores to visit for returns. YUCK!
I could say more....much much more but like I mentioned at the beginning of this post....I have a nursery to get set-up! Which, by the way, my hubby finished painting this weekend and once I finish decorating you will get to see the finished product.
Happy New Year!