Wax On, Wax Off

Deklan had his first karate class tonight. He did well.

But he did not like it. Apparently it was "no fun".

Apparently he was expecting to learn some "tricks".

Apparently he wanted to come home with the ability to do "front flips, back flips, and stand on a stick on one leg".

Apparently I've underestimated his abilities.

Someday Soon

If someday never comes it will be ok 'cause my kiddos had their day in the sun (literally) with their lemonade stand.

They've been asking for awhile now and my response is always, "sure, someday soon". Someday soon came on Saturday. I wasn't home (or else "someday soon" probably wouldn't have come, I'm sad to admit). I was at cub scout training. Really. I know you don't believe me, but I have the patch to prove it.

Sophie was snoozing and E was supervising (while mowing lawns, trimming edges, sweeping walks, etc.)

They made $7.40 in a matter of a few hours! People will pay a lot of money for a 2/3 full glass of ice cold lemonade (even if from concentrate) on a hot...like 100 degree plus day in AZ. I'm so proud! If we were parents of the year, we would have sat down and talked about profit, the cost of doing business, giving 10% to the Lord, and so on. Funny thing is, when divvying up the cash, neither wanted the bills and both wanted the coins. They fit better in the piggy bank don't ya know?

I love it when someday comes. I'm going to make someday come more often.


I am thankful for the kind lady in line behind me who called me a dear, a content 7 month old baby who happily played with her rattle, and an energetic 4 year old who patientlly waited (even if bribed with chocolate milk) all while spending an extra 15 minutes checking out at Wal-mart so that I could save a few bucks by price matching.

Sweet Dreams

There is something to be said about getting back into a routine. A lot to be said about what transpired during the time we went from routine to no routine back to routine. Thank you school.

With Erik whooping it up in Dallas right now (Go Cougars!!!!!), you'd think I'd be sleeping single in a king sized bed. But no. Sadie and Deklan have joined me. Sadie, who sleeps in a queen sized bed, is used to spreading out. S...P...R...E...A...D...I...N...G...out if you know what I mean. And Deklan likes to sleep smack dab against you and it doesn't matter what size of bed you're in. He's right there like a leech....in a lovey kind of way. Factor in that with the extra body heat that two little bodies can give off, a missing husband, and my incessant need to peek in on my baby to make sure she's still breathing and you get a pretty sleepless night.

3:30 a.m.

Deklan starts shaking and little snorts are emitted. You know, the type where you're not sure if the person is laughing or crying? I sit up, look down at his little face (cause remember he's a leech) and see a big grin on his face with eyes peacefully closed. More laughter. I whisper, "Hey buddy, what are you dreaming?" With eyes still closed, he raises his little arm in the air and says, "GUMBALLS" as he spirals his little hand around and around as if a gumball is making it's way downward.

I'm going to try and dream about gumballs tonight (that and BYU football). Sounds like fun. Wish me luck.