Dreams do come true!

I'm usually not the sappy type and I know this may generate some gagging (so take this as your fair warning). 2007 ended (obviously), leaving me ever so grateful for my amazing hubby. We had given Santa the word that the only gifts Erik and I would get this year would be contained in our stockings. Yea, right! Apparently Erik wasn't in on that conference call with Santa. But how can I be mad when he went behind Santa's back and bought me Uggs!

I wasn't too worried though about feeling like he got the shaft. I had a wonderful surprise in store for his 32nd birthday celebration. I suggested we meet after work for dinner. He picked a steak house (a nice change from my usual Macaronni Grill requests) and it was there that I gave him his birthday card. In it was the confirmation letter for our one night stay at the Arizona Grand Resort. He was surprised (a moment for the record books as I have a hard time surprising him)...and we had an incredible time. It was a birthday to be rememebered. It's strange...I used to dream back in my high school/college days about romantic getaways with my husband...and it hit me as I left work early to check in to the resort....I'm living my dreams!!!!!

Making a Comeback

Where or where has Stephanie been? Yes, it's true--life as I knew it back in April when I began my blog took a number of twists and turns and believe me I would have rather blogged than experienced 8 weeks of vertigo followed by a flooded house followed by non-stop studying in preparation to finish my master's degree.
But I'm not going to complain....despite the pitfalls, we have managed to have fun....a trip to Sea World, a girl's trip to NYC, Polar Express at the Grand Canyon, Thanksgiving in Disneyland (AMAZING!!!!), and tonight an evening at Seussical! I managed to be in six states within 2 weeks in the month of November--CRAZY!!!!! I'm happy to say that we have no more trips planned and are looking forward to a quiet Christmas in the desert.
Did I mention that Seussical was fantastic?