Little Koy Boy

Little Sophie hasn't met any of her cousins yet, but I imagine her and Koy were kickin' it in heaven just a few months ago and that they'll be pretty good pals growing up together. I like to whisper to Sophie little Koy's milestones 'cause I know she misses him like I do. Tonight as she was completely zonked, like nearly snoring zonked, I looked over at her and this pic of Koy from my sister's blog came to mind. They are both ready to catch some flies (only my lighting stinks). How crazy is this? He was five weeks old in this pic (Sophie is five weeks old) and my sister had posted that Koy had slept like six hours at night. Guess who slept six hours last night? I'll have to let her know when she wakes up six hours from now that she's keepin up with cute Koy!

As Promised

I never got around to posting pictures of the completed nursery like I had promised a few people that I would. I think I take for granted how talented Erik is when it comes to "home improvement projects". He's such a sport when I get these ideas in my head of how I want things to look....and then he does the work.
I of course owe additional thanks to Molly, Natalie, Shara and Sarah B. for their contributions. My talent is calling on the talents of others.....brilliant! And the photo collage....well I'm just going to keep adding to it............

Baby Lovers

I've never met a man that loves babies as much as this one.....

or a girl that loves her sister as much as Sadie does.....

Mellow Yellow

You know what makes me happy right now? Besides smelling my yummy baby and laughing at Deklan, loving my hubby, and reading with Sadie....


Yep, lemons.

For a year now I've been wanting to try to make lemon curd. I was feeling sorry for myself one night (the usual reason that brings on my pity sisters and mom got together AGAIN without me) when there was a knock on the door. A friend brought me a sack of lemons. How appropriate for my sour attitude. Then I thought of this recipe and headed for the kitchen.

I wasn't too sure of it's taste at first and wasn't too sure what to spread it on. So I whipped up some almond poppy seed muffins. Erik and I couldn't get enough of those muffins with a generous spread of curd. Delish!


This little boy keeps me laughing til my side are a few of his latest....

"Mom, are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?"

"I don't know bud. What are you thinking?"

"I'm thinkin I need a treat."


"I'm in my prime mom."

"What?" (Did I hear what I think I just heard?)

"Yeah, I'm in my prime."

"What?" (Seriously, is he saying PRIME?)

"I'm in my prime just like Melman on Madagascar."

OR, my personal favorite.....

whenever I pick up Sophie and she goes from crying to calm he'll say,

"Sophie knows her mom. Yep, Sophie knows her mom."

One Month!

Erik is OOT for a few days, so I have nothing better to do at night than to catch up on my "to do" list (that, and wish he was home) so I'm posting away....

For Sophie's 1 month birthday, we decided to get OUT OF THE HOUSE, because I'm getting a little stir crazy if you know what I mean. Deklan has been itching to ride his scooter so we went to the park. It was a little windy that day (last Friday), so Sophie was able to sport her cutest hat ever made by the oh so talented Tara. (Picture is after the park and Sophie was more than ready to eat and take a nap on mommy's soft bed).

Pink Sadie

What color are you?