Out of Hibernation

I love springtime. What's not to love? Springtime brings Easter, warm weather, color to the desert, kite flying, pastels, new life and change. New life as in little eggs (2 of them!) the size of jelly beans ready to become hummingbirds. We check the nest daily to see if Twitter has met her babies. Change as in the most significant milestone in a baby's life is just around the corner for Sophie. I celebrate another year of life (uggh!), anticipate a crazy summer, and join along (with some reluctance) to come out of hibernation.....


The Ducketts said...

Oh Soph!!!...and another spring time favorite...cadbury mini eggs...don't forget those!!! Miss you tons sister. Trying to get a package off to you this week, slowly been filling it up with junk:) J/K any final requests?! Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!!!! Love you and happy B-day tomorrow:)

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The Badger family said...

Hey Steph, It's Tracy Badger. How are you guys doing? Are you still in New Mexico? What part? I hope all is well. email me if you get a chance

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strat said...

A new season has arrived. A new life is ahead.


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